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Twigg Financial, Inc.

Twigg Financial, Inc.

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For over four decades it has been our privilege to educate and assist clients in creating tax-advantaged wealth strategies designed to better build, protect, and conserve their wealth. Utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach to financial planning, we feel it is essential to incorporate the legal and tax aspects of financial planning into the work we do. Oftentimes, this means coordinating with a client’s tax and legal advisors to ensure their financial and estate plans are engineered as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We are independent, meaning Twigg Financial Inc. is independently owned and operated. We are not beholden to any particular company’s financial products or services — we work on behalf of our clients. While we are independent, we have access to additional resources and services provided by our Broker-Dealer, USA Financial Securities Corporation.

Our Objectives: We work in partnership with our clients to develop financial solutions tailored specifically to their needs, desires, and values.
We do not believe in “cookie-cutter” solutions. We know every client has a unique set of beliefs, values, background, resources, and perspective.
We work with our clients, and their 3rd-party tax and estate planning professionals, to craft a financial and legacy plan that attempts to meet their lifestyle and legacy objectives. We use our industry knowledge to try to insulate them as best as possible from various risks that could harm them financially; such as pronounced market downturns, excessive investment fees, inflation and taxation, eroding their purchasing power, probate & estate costs, longevity risk, LTC costs, and other types of risk.